Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)


Our AUV is mainly used for bathymetry in the coastal area, offshore exclusive economic zone and the continental shelf of the deep sea, topography survey, geological structure survey, investigation on geological structure of shallow stratum, powerline path survey, long range environmental monitoring, electric field monitoring, search and rescue and also determination and identification of the seabed sediment type and underwater target. The AUV system is highly flexible, small operation space and footprint and can reach cruising speed of 2.5 m/s. The AUV can be equipped with survey equipment such as synthetic aperture sonar or multi-beam echo sounder and side scan sonar, sub bottom profiler, magnetometer, various environmental chemical sensors, microbial samplers, cameras and CTD. The navigation systems include inertial navigation sensors, depth sensor, Doppler Velocity Log (DVL), ultra-short baseline beacon (USBL) and obstacle avoidance sonar.

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