Amphibious Vehicle


2. Amphibious Vehicle
The performance of the Crocodile Amphibious Vehicle redefines amphibious products, it can reach 30 knots or more in water. Its compact and reliable design ensures its rapid application to a variety of tasks and the payload can be as heavy as 750kg. As its name suggest, it performs just as well on land as it does in water. As a first of its kind, the Crocodile Amphibious Vehicle is equipped with a 365hp diesel engine and four-wheel drive. The unique double jet propeller design makes its top speed reaching 30 knots additionally it can maintain the flexibility of control. The Crocodile Amphibious Vehicle is designed for material supply, search & rescue, disaster relief, marine fire prevention, power line inspection, patrolling, sea and beach operations, survey, hunting, fishing and even adventure tourism etc. This is a perfect solution for the last few miles problem between the shore and the sea in various industry.

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